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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 9th International Conference on Environmental Health Science (IEEHS-REPUBLIC OF KOREA 2016) I am delighted to invite you to participate in this scientific event. IEEHS-REPUBLIC OF KOREA will be the ideal forum for the fostering of ideas and the establishing of new collaborative research links, helping to build strong research networks within Republic of Korea and at an international level.

The conference will also give you the unique opportunity to visit Songdo area, one of the most lively and futuristic areas in Incheon with global campuses of George Mason (US), Ghent University (Belgium), State University of New York (US) and University of UTAH (US).

The main theme of this conference is ‘Global issues in marine environmental conservation and health diagnosis.’ I trust that the conference participants will first enjoy three keynote lectures delivered by Prof. Peimin He (Shanghai Ocean University, China), Prof. Tae-Wook Kim (Incheon National University, Republic of Korea), and Dr. Jinyoung Jung (Republic of Korea Ocean and Polar Research Institute, Republic of Korea) and then presentations and posters on a variety of research topics.

I would like to thank our partnership companies whose cooperation and support has made this conference fruitful.

The conference venue is a brand new building of Ghent University Global Campus within the IGC foundation that would guarantee a successful technical conference amid the green and modernized scenery of Incheon.

I hope that you will find the conference and your stay in Songdo Inchon both valuable and enjoyable.


Taejun Han Chair, Organizing Committee for 9th ICoEHS-2016 President, Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science