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Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (ToxEHS)

Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (ToxEHS) is owned and published by The Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science (KoEHS). It is published four times a year in a printed version. Its editorial policies are the responsibility of the editor, the associate editors, and the editorial board under the general authority of the Publications Committee and the Council.

Scope of Journal:

Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (ToxEHS) publishes original research and reviews in all areas of fundamental and applied research relating to the toxicity of chemicals, nanoparticles and drugs at the molecular and cellular level in human and all model living system by all routes of exposure and in vitro / ex vivo. Focus is on risk assessment, environmental toxicology and environmental health as applied to humans (including epidemiological studies) and all the model organisms (including fish to mammal). In addition Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (ToxEHS) also publishes analytical method and development studies including biosensor and lab-on-a-chip, addressing important or topical aspect of toxicity of environmental and health toxicants. Special emphasis is given to papers of clear relevance to human health and regulatory environmental/ chemical/ nanoparticle toxicology.

The Journal is committed to rapid peer review to ensure the publication of highest quality original research and timely news and review articles.

Instructions for Authors:

Types of papers:

Two types of papers may be submitted, full-length articles and minireviews. Authors are urged to keep the length of papers below eight printed pages (24 typed pages of manuscript in double spacing including figures and tables). Detail guide is available. In case of minireviews, invitation by the editor is only applicable.

Language of paper:

All manuscripts should be written in English. Authors whose first language is not English are requested to have their manuscripts checked carefully for linguistic correctness before submission. All manuscripts submitted for publication will be screened for English by the professional English editor in the ToxEHS.

Publication charges:

Authors will be assessed US$50 (\50,000) for each page with all published manuscripts. Under exceptional circumstances, publication charges will be waived if deemed appropriate by the editorial board. Authors unable to pay publication charges may apply at the time of submission for a waiver of the charges.

Color Charges:Authors will be assessed US$90(\90,000) for each page with color figure(s). Color figures can generally be reproduced in acceptable quality in black and white if authors are unwilling or unable to pay for color charges.


As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to The Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science. Authors should submit Copyright Transfer Agreement at the time of paper submission.

Material transfer:

Authors of papers published in ToxEHS are obligated to honor any reasonable request by qualified investigators for unique propagative materials, such as cell lines, hybridomas, and DNA clones, that are described in the paper.

Reveiw protocol

All manuscripts submitted to ToxEHS are reviewed critically, and it is the responsibility of the editor, the associate editors, and editorial board to determine their suitability for publication. After receipt of a manuscript by the editor, it is sent to an associate editor who usually assigns it to a member of the editorial board. The board member then makes a definitive recommendation for acceptance, revision, or declination based on the scientific merit and technical quality of the studies reported. Referees may be consulted when additional expertise is required. All board members and referees who review a manuscript remain unknown to the authors. Every manuscript is treated by the reviews as a privileged communication.

Manuscript submission:

All submitted manuscript should contain original research that has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submit a digital file including high quality graphics prepared in appropriate formats. A letter must be included indicating the address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the corresponding author. Microsoft Word is preferred, although other formats are generally acceptable. Manuscript and other materials will not be returned unless specifically requested.

Send manuscript and correspondence to:

Editor-in-Chief Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences (ToxEHS) The Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science (KoEHS)

E-mail: toxehs@gmail.com (Soyoun Kim)

Online submission: www.ehs.or.kr